About us

Since its founding fifty years ago, the Eranda Rothschild Foundation has made donations totalling more than £66 million to a wide range of charities.


Sir Evelyn de Rothschild established the Foundation in 1967 and called it ERANDA. The name had been created by his father, Anthony de Rothschild, when he wrote to his three children who had been evacuated to America during the Second World War. It is an acronym of Evelyn, Renée and Anne and had great personal significance  for each sibling.

The Rothschilds & philanthropy

The Rothschild Family has a long history of charitable giving dating back to the early 1800s and many members of the extensive family have established charitable foundations supporting a variety of causes.

The tradition of philanthropy was taken up by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in 1967 and he believes that family success is not measured merely by profit, but that impact on society matters too. Sir Evelyn's guiding principle in all his charitable activities is that 'Charity is a business' and that the same personal dedication, professionalism and attention to detail is as important in this realm as in the business arena.


  • Sir Evelyn de Rothschild
  • Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild
  • Mr Anthony de Rothschild
  • Ms Jessica de Rothschild
  • Sir Graham Hearne CBE
  • Sir John Peace
  • Mr Ben Elliot